Our mission is to provide education and guidance that empowers individuals to be informed consumers of retirement healthcare options. Your informed decision is our business!

As Social Workers, we have seen the devastating affects ill-informed healthcare coverage decisions can have on beneficiaries and their families. As a result, we developed our 5-step service process that personalizes your Medicare Coverage Strategy to your unique needs and circumstance, making Medicare Work for You!

1.   Medicare Orientation: Understand Your Medicare Benefits and Options

Designing your best Medicare Coverage Strategy is like solving a puzzle, made up of enrollment timeframes, benefits, liability, coverage options, coverage delays, and beneficiary responsibilities. A foundational knowledge of the Medicare program structure and benefits will support the next steps in understanding your options and designing a strategy that makes Medicare work for you!

2.   Screen Your Personal Healthcare Needs: Medicare Coverage Screenings

Circumstances such as employment, income and tax filing status, medical needs, prescription regimens, and HSA participation are some of the intricate factors affecting your enrollment and coverage options. These, and other important factors must be considered when “narrowing down” your available Medicare coverage options.

3.   Analyze your Personal Coverage Options: Cost-Benefit Analysis & Senario Planning

Comparing various coverage options can be a lot like comparing apples to bananas. Only by truly analyzing the details of coverage options with your unique needs can you ensure adequate and cost-effective coverage choices with a level of protection and coverage you are financially, medically, and personally comfortable.

4.   Informed Decisions based on the expert analysis of your personal Medicare Mentor

By understanding your individualized Medicare benefits and coverage options, you make informed coverage decisions. Those decisions lead to better financial planning, decreased out of pocket healthcare costs, and greater security and satisfaction with retirement healthcare coverage. Informed decisions could save thousands of dollars in erroneous enrollment planning, penalties, and poor coverage selections each year.

5.   Review & Protect your Medicare Identity: Ongoing Medicare Case Management

Medicare fraud has an annual estimated cost of $6 Billion! Beneficiaries have a responsibility to protect their Medicare identity. You are the first line of defense against the fraud, waste, and abuse that increase healthcare costs. You can do your part by regularly reviewing your coverage and healthcare claims and completing annual Medicare Coverage Screenings to update your Medicare Coverage Strategy as plans and coverage change annually!