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Who sits down with a person as they become eligible for Medicare to explain what it is, how it works, and the myriad of options one has in how they receive their benefits?

The answer- no one, really.

Lindsay Quillen, LCSW  Founder and President of Medicare Mentors

Lindsay Quillen, LCSW
Founder and President of Medicare Mentors

Which is exactly why Geriatric Social Worker, Lindsay Quillen, founded Medicare Mentors. As she explains, "understanding your benefits and options means you'll make informed decisions about your coverage. Informed coverage decisions can save you thousands of dollars and certainly provides peace of mind knowing you have the best coverage for your individual needs".

Early in her career as a Social Worker with older adults Founder Lindsay Quillen decided that to best serve her clients and their families she would learn all she could about Medicare: "Sitting with them at their kitchen tables discussing services and concerns- Medicare was always a focal point for all my clients. So, I made it my mission to have the answers they were looking for".

Since then, Lindsay has counseled thousands of individuals and professionals through 1:1 benefits counseling, group educational programs, webinars, and professional training sessions. Lindsay has had the distinguished honor of presenting at several national and regional conferences on best practices for outreach and education for Medicare beneficiaries. In 2011 Lindsay founded Medicare Mentors as a private, fee-for-service, Medicare and Retirement Health Insurance Consulting firm to provide education and personal guidance that "empowers individuals to be informed consumers of their retirement healthcare options”.

In addition to expertise in Medicare and retirement health insurance counseling, Lindsay is an Adjunct Professor of an Aging and Mental Health course with UCONN’s School of Social Work- her Graduate school Alma Mata. With over 15 years of experience in the field of aging services and resource coordination for older adults and their caregivers, Lindsay offers social work consulting to address long-term planning for successful aging through professional guidance, information, and referrals.

It was such a comfort to our whole family knowing that Medicare Mentors was managing all the insurance issues and complications that came up for my Uncle. Their work saved him thousands of dollars and ensured he received the special care he needed throughout his battle with cancer. To say ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough.
— Adria

My sister and I really want to thank you for helping us go thru the ‘Medicare Maze’. I knew it was complicated, but you really made sense out of all this and what plans would work best for us. You certainly know your “stuff”, plus had a fun evening of it all with you!
— Juanita

Lindsay was Excellent - very informative, tons of information! She took her time and went over every question I had with patience, making sure I understood the decisions I made for coverage next year.
— Nancy