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Retirement Health Insurance Advising

Medicare Mentors came to my father’s rescue as he came of age to enroll in Medicare. Lindsay asked detailed questions to understand my father’s situation. She provided my father with several options as to when to enroll in Medicare, an explanation of the difference between each option, and the benefits/drawbacks of each option. This will not be the last time that we work with Medicare Mentors. Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge and wonderful to work with. She provided me and my father with peace of mind through this whole process. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Lindsay’s assistance through Medicare Mentors. Thank you Lindsay!
— Tracy

Medicare is the foundation of all retirement health insurance strategies, but, it's not one-size-fits-all.  Medicare Mentors takes the confusion out of the selection process for you! The right coverage is personal to your circumstances, age, enrollment timelines, current coverage and future plans. We look at all your options, simplify your choices, and ensure a seamless transition to Medicare.

Why Choose Medicare Mentors?

The private, fee-for-service advising shows you how to save money on coverage, ensure no gaps in service, and avoid penalties. Our distinguished difference as Licensed Health Insurance Advisors with a specialty in Medicare, means we are experts in Medicare and its ongoing changes, and can design the best Medicare Coverage Strategy for YOUR individual needs! NO TIES to insurance companies or products means we remain unbiased, and can design the best solution for your personal needs. 

Who do we Help?

  • Individuals turning age 65
  • Individuals retiring and making the transitioning to Medicare
  • Individuals receiving Social Security Disability benefits
  • Current Medicare beneficiaries and Caregivers
  • Businesses and Employers who empower their clients/employees to make informed decisions around their retirement healthcare options
  • Businesses who serve Baby Boomers

Medicare Mentors Services

for Medicare Beneficiaries & Caregivers

Welcome to Medicare Service Package

We take the guesswork out and provide specialized expertise, so you can make informed coverage decisions, and have Medicare work for you!

Best For:

  • Individuals approaching Medicare eligibility (age 63-65)
  • Individuals approaching retirement (under and over 65)
  • Caregivers supporting a loved one on Medicare

Services Provided:

  • A personal guide explain and facilitate your Medicare Initial Enrollment Process - through your enrollment timeframes, grace-periods, options, and enrollment;
  • Help navigating: special circumstances, common mistakes, coverage coordination, and coverage options;
  • Personalized Medicare Coverage Screenings;
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of your personal options based on your individualized healthcare needs;
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a Medicare expert supporting your Medicare Coverage Strategy!

Medicare Case Management  Service- "Because responsibilities do not end with enrollment."

A Medicare expert to manage all of you Medicare responsibilities throughout the year. We will minimize out of pocket retirement healthcare costs, ensure cost-effective coverage, access to quality care, and subject matter expertise you need throughout the year, so you don’t have to think about it! 

Best For:

  • Current Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Caregivers - local or long distance - managing the affairs of a Medicare beneficiary
  • Legal Guardians

Services Provided:

  • A personal guide explain and facilitate your Medicare Initial Enrollment Process - through your enrollment timeframes, grace-periods, options, and enrollment;
  • Coordination of coverage
  • Optimization of benefits
  • Resolution of issues related to: Billing, claim submission, coverage denials, and access to medications and care
  • Medicare Summary Notice reconciliation
  • Protecting your Medicare Identity - another growing form of identity theft to safeguard against
  • ...and much more!


Annual Medicare Coverage Screenings & Strategy 

Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment (October 15 - December 7) is the one time a year Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to “shop” their Medicare coverage options, and make necessary changes to their Medicare Coverage Strategy for the following year.

The sheer number of coverage options available to beneficiaries, and understanding how the plan options change every year can be overwhelming to sort through!

Medicare Mentors offers comprehensive Annual Medicare Coverage Screenings to review and compare individualized Medicare coverage options based on criteria that matters to YOU and your personal Medicare Coverage Strategy.

Best For:

  • Any Medicare beneficiary!
  • Caregivers managing the affairs of a Medicare beneficiary
  • Legal Guardians, etc...

Services Provided:

  • Your plan comparison report with a written summary showing how the new options compare to your current coverage;
  • A Cost-Benefit Analysis comparing your current coverage with the top, most cost-effective, coverage options for the year ahead;
  • Follow up phone/email consultation with your expert Medicare Mentor to guide you through any questions and coordination of benefits;
  • Enrollment facilitation.


Medicare Mentors Services for Businesses & Employers

Understanding Medicare benefits and options is a timely, often overwhelming, and cost-saving topic for anyone thinking about retirement!

Medicare Mentors provides Medicare Consulting Contract services to a wide range of employers and businesses, to save your business money, and provide a specialized service to employees or clients approaching Medicare eligibility and retirement. 

With more than 10,000 individuals aging into Medicare every day, adding the expertise of Medicare Mentors to your team is a powerful service and marketing opportunity! Medicare Mentors will work with you to customize a successful Medicare Consulting and Outreach program that meets your organization's needs.

Best For:

  • Businesses providing retirement planning services
  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Care Managers and Social Service Providers
  • Benefits Administrator Groups
  • Companies with employees who are approaching Medicare eligibility
  • Companies with Medicare-eligible employees, but on company-sponsored healthcare
  • Aging service providers

Services Provided:

  • A personable Medicare Expert, Licensed Social Worker to your team!
  • Offer monthly consulting hours to address Medicare and Retirement Healthcare concerns of your clients/employees.
  • Regular staff training and case consulting.
  • Discounted Medicare Case Management Services for your clients/employees.

As Health Insurance Advisors, Medicare Mentors does not represent any insurance companies, nor sell any insurance products.

Licensed to provide health insurance consulting and advising services in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Medicare Mentors provides in-home/on-site appointments and flexible hours for your convenience.