Welcome to Medicare Service

A Licensed Health Insurance Advisor, specializing in Medicare and retirement health insurance, will provide expert Medicare education and guidance through our Welcome to Medicare Service:

  • Initial Consultation Visit gathering preliminary data that will influence your Medicare Coverage Strategy, providing foundational Medicare program/benefit information, and developing an initial outline of enrollment timelines and benefit coordination for a seamless coverage transition based on your unique circumstances.
  • Complete Medicare Coverage Screening of all your available coverage options based on targeted, individualized criteria and preferences:
  • Original Medicare
  • Medicare Part D (Rx)
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare and Other insurances: Employer/Retiree/COBRA

We’ll apply our experience and Scenario Planning Technique to your Medicare Coverage Screen results to highlight and compare the multitude of coverage options on an even, and personally-applicable, field of comparison

 Medicare Mentors’ expert Benefits-Cost Analysis will visually demonstrate the financial impact of your personal coverage options highlighting your identified needs, preferences, liability exposure, and comfort criteria.

Follow-Up Consultation to review your personalized Medicare Coverage Strategy options, ensuring comfort in understanding the implications of each option. Informed Decisions are the product of education, understanding, and proper planning- exactly what this Welcome to Medicare service is designed to provide.

Enrollment Facilitation provided once you’ve had the opportunity to process your individual options and make informed coverage decisions for your initial Medicare Coverage Strategy!

Medicare Case Management Service Packages

All Medicare Mentors Annual Medicare Case Management Contracts include:

A personal Retirement Health Insurance Advisor to:

  • Guide you through Medicare timelines, responsibilities, billing, and “glitches” throughout the year;
  • “Open Enrollment” Complete Medicare Coverage Screening;
  • Annual Medicare Coverage Strategy Review complete with:
  • Scenario Planning and Benefit-Cost Analysis of options
  • Manage all your enrollment periods with complete Enrollment Facilitation & Guidance.

Medicare Mentors offers 2 levels of Case Management Services